We at Paramount manufacture coils using automated looping and forming machines to ensure consistent geometry of any configuration of coil. Our Computerized Coil Taping machine ensures crease free taping of insulation of critical slot portions of the coil. Moulding of coils on sophisticated Hydraulic press ensures void free moulding of insulation and proper fit on the machines.
We can supply coils and winding kits for the following:

Tan Delta, High Potential (up to 50kV) and surge Test of 100% of our coils ensures that every coil leaving our coil shop satisfies International specification.
Our state of the art Insulated conductor manufacturing facility ensures quick delivery of conductors for manufacture of coils. For over 3 decades we have built a reputation through our endeavor for continuous improvement and customer interaction for on time delivery and quality that is second to known.

We can meet all your requirement of coils from one off needs to your mass production needs
"on time every time, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 52 weeks a year".

Stator Coils


Field Coils


Induction Heating Coil


Transformer Coil