Paramount offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers. We have a state of the art fully automated rewinding shop at your service. In the past two-decade we have rewound more than 1000 High Tension electrical machines with a long list of satisfied customers. Our fully integrated plant for manufacture of Insulated conductors, Coil manufacturing and well-equipped rewinding shop help us to repair/ rewind jobs on time.

Our more than three decade experience in the field of machine manufacturing has provided our engineers with a wealth of experience to solve all mechanical problems like shaft rebuilding using low heat thermal spray technology, shaft replacement, bearing housing replacement etc. Our engineers can redesign electric motors/generators to improve their rating and efficiency.

Our dedicated and experienced engineers are ready to meet all needs on site like overhaul, repair/rewind of motors and generators. Our engineers ready to carry out onsite vibration analysis, current spectrum analysis, Dynamic Balancing etc. for correct diagnosis of faults and to prevent premature failure of electrical machines.

We can offer Technical Know-how for setting up of LT/HT Motor repair/rewind shop and conductor manufacturing plant.

Repair and Rewinding Services


2500 kW DC Mill Motor

6.6 kV / 6000 kW Stator

Mechanical Services
1. Shaft Replacement
2. Rebuilding of worn out shaft & housing.
3. Dynamic Balancing.
4. Core Staggering / Replacement
5. Spare Stator and Rotor by reverse  
    engineering and redesigning.
6. Commutator / Slipring rebuilding and
7. Bearing Housing Manufacture

6.6 kV / 4000 kW Rotor

Site Services
1. Motor, Generator & Transformer Overhaul.
2. Motor, Generator Partial & Complete rewinding.
3. In-Situ Dynamic Balancing.
4. Vibration Analysis
5. Current Spectrum Analysis.
6. Motor & Generator erection and alignment.
7. Transformer Partial & Complete rewinding.
8. Steam washing.

11kV/9.6MW onsite Repair

Turnkey Services
Offered for setting up of motor and transformer rewinding shop and insulated conductor manufacturing plant.