Paramount offers a complete range of insulated conductors / winding wires used for the winding of electrical machines such as Motors, Generators, Transformers, lifting magnets etc. We have more than three decade of experience in the field of this manufacturing. Over the years we have worked closely with a number of customers to develop products to suit their requirement and to achieve higher efficiency. Our experience in Machine manufacturing and Motor/Generator rewinding gives us better understanding of the needs of our customers.

Our plant is equipped with sophisticated machines and testing instruments to meet requirements of customers. Paramount manufacturers insulated conductor and winding wire confirming to International specifications and as per customer specifications.

- Double fibreglass yarn covered varnish bonded
- Enamelled double glass yarn covered varnish bonded
- Enamelled/Polyester Taped glass yarn covered varnish bonded
- Kapton*/Nomex*/Teflon*/Mica/Cotton Covered
- Double/Multi Kraft Paper covered
- Subermisible winding wire.

*Dupont Registered Trade Mark


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